Reducing Golf Pain with Swing Grease

Golf Pain Mitigation with Merken Golf

How long have you been playing?

24 Years of the Golf Swing Repetition 

The year was 2000 and I had just ended my middle school career by getting a basketball dunked on me. I knew I needed to rethink sport of choice and golf seemed to be one I could play most of my life. So I picked it. Like many kids, my first experience on the golf course was with my father. I fell in love. The outcome of the game depended solely on my performance and the decisions I made. There was no one else I could point a finger at to take the blame. Like life. Little did I know the years would fly by and I would start developing golf pain in areas of the body susceptible to golf rigorous repetitions. The older I get I understand the importance of stretching and reducing inflammation in the body. Pain is inflammation, this is why Cannabinol works.  

What about swing grease?

Cannabidiol and Swing Grease  

In 2019, PDXCBD was established as a manufacturer of Cannabidiol Oral Sprays with a retail location in Whitewater, WI. Through both the manufacturing and retail sales process, I witnessed first hand the positive affects Cannabidiol was having on the everyday lives of our customers. It was POSITIVE! 

The problem that we encountered was entering the Cannabidiol sector just a bit too early. We had major problems marketing and taking a form of payment. Considered High Risk, Cannabidiol was black balled from any form of digital media and we ended up closing the doors after our first year of business. Witnessing what the substance was able to do for our customers inspired me to keep going. With the necessary relationships already in place, Merken22  was created and the notion of helping golfers play more golf was born. Distributing Swing Grease through the golf industry is naturally our way of helping people do more of whatever it is they want.

Swing Grease


Merken22’s Swing Grease is a golfer’s essential, featuring 750mg of premium CBD isolate for fast relief from pain and inflammation. Crafted with natural ingredients and trusted by golf enthusiasts, it ensures every swing is smooth and every round is enjoyable.

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How do I use Swing Grease?

Just for context I was born in 1986. I’m currently 37 years of age turning at the time of this writing, turning 38 in a month. I don’t think I’m old, but I’m not young either. I do get sore, some places more than others. I’m  right handed and have golf pain in pretty much all the areas you would expect. The inside of my right elbow when I play bad golf gets terribly sore, L5 in my lower back from time to time, and sometimes my hands / wrists can get somewhat intense. In 2011 I was involved in a motorcycle accident and can sometimes have severe right hip tightness.

I try to apply Swing Grease typically about an hour before my round with the intentions of warming up and moving around with it applied. I’m not to the age where I’m too sore while I’m playing, but the soreness comes after. Applying the Swing Grease early helps my muscles throughout the round not become inflamed while taking a beating and decreases my level of overall soreness after a round of golf. 

Benefits of Cannabidiol for Golfers

Golfers will benefit from using Swing Grease by assisting the body reduce inflammation. In a 2021 article at CBD was linked to a study in animals reducing the effects of inflammation due to arthritis. Reducing inflammation will help joint and muscle movement by decreasing inflammation making more room for movement. Back Pain, Wrist Pain, Knee Pain, and any other pain associated with the movement of a golf swing can potentially be significantly reduced by applying Merken Golf’s Swing Grease.

Post Round Recovery

Using Swing Grease before my round is the key to my post round recovery. Apply Swing Grease roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour before you play for maximum anti- inflammatory benefits. Apply the product to effect areas massaging into the skin, on and around muscles and joints. Some golfers I talk to like to apply after the round for effects to take place for hours after. It’s all up to you.

Do’s and Do not’s of using Swing Grease

After finding out this stuff works, you don’t have to worry about how much you are using. If it works, it works, use it! What you don’t want to do is leave the can in direct sunlight or in your golf bag on a really hot summer day. You’ll do a pretty good job at repelling mosquitos, but your body might hurt more than it has to.