Swing Grease – Elevate your Experience

Swing Grease for Golf related pain and inflammation.

Elevate your Experience with Merken22 & Swing Grease

Key Benefits:

Swing Grease is not just another CBD salve; it’s a precision formula designed with the unique needs of golfers in mind. Our blend harnesses the power of CBD to target joint pain and inflammation, promoting a smoother, more comfortable swing.

Play Better Golf

Don’t let joint discomfort hinder your performance. Swing Grease works harmoniously with your body, providing targeted relief that allows you to focus on your swing, accuracy, and overall game improvement. Rediscover the joy of playing your best golf with less pain and hopefully a lower score.

Play Longer Golf:

Joint pain shouldn’t cut your game short. Swing Grease is your companion for extended hours on the course. Experience the freedom to play longer rounds without the distraction of discomfort, ensuring each swing is as enjoyable as the last.

Swing Grease


Merken22’s Swing Grease is a golfer’s essential, featuring 750mg of premium CBD isolate for fast relief from pain and inflammation. Crafted with natural ingredients and trusted by golf enthusiasts, it ensures every swing is smooth and every round is enjoyable.

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Aging Gracefully, Swinging Powerfully

Swing Grease is more than a salve; it’s a testament to aging gracefully and swinging powerfully. Embrace the next chapter of your golfing journey with a product that cares for your body as much as you care for your game.

Premium CBD Quality

We source only the finest CBD, ensuring that each application of Swing Grease delivers the soothing benefits associated with high-quality cannabidiol. Trust Merken22 for a product that stands at the intersection of performance and wellness. Each product comes with a QR Code that takes you straight to the lab results. 

For the avid golfer, more golf means more satisfaction. Swing Grease empowers you to make the most of your golfing experience by providing relief that lasts. Enjoy the game you love, pain-free, and with the flexibility to play whenever the mood strikes. Sign up below to receive more information about our products along with specials and upcoming drop dates.

Why Choose Swing Grease by Merken22:

More Reasons

Swing Grease for Golf related pain and inflammation.

Tailored for Golfers:

Merken22 understands the specific needs of golfers, and Swing Grease reflects that understanding. Our salve is formulated to complement the movements and demands of the golf swing, offering targeted relief where it matters most.

Easy to purchase:

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