Merken Golf Pro Affiliate Program

Merken22 Merken Golf Pro Affiliate Program

Introduction to Organic Revenue

The Merken Golf Pro Affiliate Program was created to help affiliates produce an additional stream of income and our customers the opportunity to experience natural pain relief. By Joining Merken Golf you are joining a team of dedicated individuals who understand the importance time, money, and family. Become a Pro Affiliate today and start earning MORE money doing what you already do.

Merken22 Merken Golf Pro Affiliate Program

Merken Golf Pro Affiliate Dashboard

The Merken Golf Pro Affiliate dashboard gives you the ability to create and track campaigns. Keep up to date with whats working and how much you have earned.

What are we selling?


What is the Merken Golf Pro Affiliate Program?

The affiliate program is a result of the tough restrictions of marketing Cannabidiol. The Merken Golf Pro Affiliate program is designed to help today’s club professional gain an addition source of income. This in-turn accommodates players with natural pain relief and the ability to squeeze in a few more holes. 

The Merken Golf Commitment

Making the world a better place is important to us and we believe it starts with the children. Merken Golf is committed to uniting the game of golf with the children of America in efforts to help young people develop the values necessary to becoming good human beings.

Who can join?

Head Club Professionals, enthusiasts, and influencers are all welcome to apply to join The Merken Golf Pro Affiliate Program, however commission rates will vary. We want to grow the game of golf and hope you do too. 

Swing Grease


Merken22’s Swing Grease is a golfer’s essential, featuring 750mg of premium CBD isolate for fast relief from pain and inflammation. Crafted with natural ingredients and trusted by golf enthusiasts, it ensures every swing is smooth and every round is enjoyable.

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Benefits of Joining the Merken Golf Pro Affiliate Program

Making a commitment to Merken Golf insures you an additional source of income with only two investments. One in Merken Golf and the other in yourself. Join The Merken Golf Pro Affiliate Program to start earning today!

How do you become part of the team?

Fill out the form below and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

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